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Memberships, Charges & Bike2use Wallet

1How much does Bike2use cost?
Our bikes are € 1 per 30 minutes to hire, or you can join as an annual member for €89. An annual member is entitled to 4 rides per day for up to 1/2 hour each ride. A week Pass gives a rider a week of continuous use of our bikes. A two week Pass gives a rider two weeks of continuous use of our bikes
2How do I pay for my Bike2use usage?
You will need to register a debit or credit card to use Bike2use.
3What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major debit or credit cards which are VISA, Visa Electron, Mastercard and AMEX.
4How do I renew my membership?
You may renew your membership at any time within the Bike2use app. Simply tap the 'My Membership' item, within the settings menu of the Bike2use app. Your new membership will begin when your current membership expires.
5What happens if I go over my membership quota?
Any additional usage fees will be debited from your Bike2use wallet. If there is insufficient credit on your wallet, we will debit your registered card.
6What if I exceed my daily membership quota or ride duration?
With an annual or half-yearly membership you can ride 4 times a day for up to 1/2 hour each time. If you exceed the total of 4 hour time limit you will be charged € 1 for each 1/2 hour thereafter.
7How do I get the Bike2use app?
You can download our Bike2use app from the App Store for iOS or from the Play Store for Android.
8How do I find a bike and cycle parking?
When using the map tap on the refresh button on the bottom left. The map will show your location and all available bikes and public cycle parking around you.
9How do I map out a route on the app?
Tap on the cycle parking that is closest to your destination and a route in blue will be mapped out for you.
10Can I top up my e-wallet or sign up for a membership in the app?
Yes. We encourage you to top up your e-wallet or sign up for a membership on our app. It is simple and quick to do so.
11How do I Lock Bike2use?
You can return our bikes to any of our recognised public cycle bike parks. You can find a recognised cycle parking area nearest to you on our in-App map.
  1. Park the bike next to an approved Cycle Stand/ Rack found on the in-app Map.
  2. Push the clasp on the lock downwards, ensuring the lock passes through both the rear tyre, and the hoop on the cable lock.
  3. Your Bike should beep, letting you know the bike is secure.
  4. Now, return to the Bike2use App, and tap 'End Journey'.
12Will I be charged if I have locked the bike correctly, however it gets stolen or vandalized?
No, we have technology to track the locations of all our locked Bike2uses. So long as you've parked your bike in a public, legal location, and you have locked the bike correctly, you can rest easy.
13What is Bike2use?
Bike2use is a public bike share scheme. We have bikes located at numerous public cycle parking areas. Simply download our app, find the nearest bike to you on our map, enter the bike number in the app, and off you go! Cycle to your destination and leave the bike at the nearest cycle parking with the help of our map
14I would like to reserve a bike for use later, is this possible?
We think reserving bikes would be great too, and we're working on it.
15I would like to hop into the shop for 5 minutes, should I lock the bike?
You should always lock the bike when you are leaving it unattended as losing the bike will incur a penalty. The system will of course automatically utilise Bike2use 'PitStop' should you hire the bike again within your 1 hour rental period. This will mean you will still be charged just € 1. Find out more about PitStop.
16I forgot to lock the bike. What should I do?
If you have forgotten to lock the bike, try returning to the bike to lock it. If you cannot find the bike, contact us immediately and we will assist in locating the bike. If the bike cannot be found, you may be liable for a penalty for losing the bike.
17I cannot find cycle parking, can I leave the bike on the street?
No you may not. We ask that you find the nearest cycle parking on our map to park our bike. There are many cycle parking spots across various locations. Just as we would not park our cars anywhere but only at acceptable car parking, parking a bike anywhere but at an acceptable cycle parking causes an obstruction to other road users. It is inconsiderate and anti-social. We take the illegal parking of our bikes very seriously.
18I have spotted a bike mis-parked or vandalised or restricted to personal use. What can I do?
If you find a bike mis-parked, vandalised or restricted to personal use, please take a photo of the bike with its surrounding area and upload it to us (using the Contact Us section in the Bike2use App) together with its location including the street name. Please ensure that the bike’s number is visible in the photo.
19What should I do if I find an abandoned Bike2use?
Please notify us via our Website, or the Bike2use app so we may retrieve it.
20What should I do if my bike is lost or stolen?
If you lose your Bike2use or it is stolen, you must notify us within 24 hours so that a theft report can be filed. Please also report this to the police. Your debit or credit card may be charged for the cost of recovery or replacement of the bike up to £250.
21What should I do if I crash my bike?
If you are injured and need medical assistance please call 999 immediately. If you are able, please remove the bicycle from the roadway and park it safely. Please report the incident to the police and Bike2use within 24 hours, so a crash report may be filed.
22What are the best tips for Safe Cycling?
Below are some pretty simple and helpful tips to ride safely.
  1. Ride in the same direction as the traffic.
  2. Follow all traffic signals and signs.
  3. Yield to pedestrians.
  4. Use hand signals when turning.
  5. Ride in cycle lanes wherever possible.
  6. Do not weave in and out of traffic.
  7. Do not ride on walkways.
  8. Do not ride a bike while distracted, such as while using a mobile phone or wearing headphones.
23How safe is Bike2use?
While there are risks with all modes of public transportation, our bikes are designed and built to be safe, comfortable and easy to ride. The motion activated front and rear lights, the bell and the bright yellow colour of our bikes help increase its visibility to other road users, reducing the possibility of an accident. We strongly recommend our riders wear helmets to reduce the risk of head injury in the highly unlikely event of an accident.
24Can I take my Bike2use outside the originating town or city?
Yes you may, but we kindly ask that you return the bike to a recognised public cycle parking indicated on our map when you have finished riding our bike. If you keep a bike for longer than the 24 hours on a Day Pass, you will incur € 1 per hour for the next two hours before a penalty charge is applied on your card when the bike is deemed lost.
25Can a rider hire more than 1 bike at a time?
No. We ask that each rider register an account. Each payment method may be registered on up to four accounts. This will allow a person to pay for the hire of bikes for others. Please read our terms & conditions for more information.
26What happens if I damage or lose a Bike2use?
Bike2use is a community so we really hope all our users take care of our Bike2uses however the fee for damage, theft, or willful vandalism of a Bike2use is £250. More details can be found in our terms & conditions.
27Do I need to be a Bike2use member to hire a bike?
You may hire a bike without being a member. All you need to do is register within our app and you pay just € 1 per hour.
28How old do I have to be to use Bike2use?
Unfortunately for legal, and insurance purposes you must be 16 years or older to ride a Bike2use.
29Can I bring a bike on a bus, train, the underground, tram or ferry?
No, we like to keep you safe and unfortunately taking our bikes on a bus, train, the underground, tram or ferry can be dangerous and is a violation of our Terms & Conditions.
30How do I return a bike?
You can return our bikes to any of our recognised, public bike parks. You can find a recognised cycle parking area nearest to you on our in-App map.
  1. Park the bike next to an approved Cycle Stand/ Rack found on the in-app Map.
  2. Secure the cable around a bike stand, and place the hoop on the end of the cable lock between the lock clasp and the tyre, as illustrated below.
  3. Push the clasp on the lock downwards, ensuring the lock passes through both the rear tyre, and the hoop on the cable lock.
  4. Your Bike should beep, letting you know the bike is secure.
  5. Now, open the Bike2use App, and tap 'End Journey' on the app.

Getting Started & Registration

1How do I rent a Bike2use?
  1. Download the Bike2use app from the Apple App Store, or Google Play, Register an account and a payment method.
  2. Press unlock to get a list of bikes near you, give bluetooth permissions and select a bike to unlock. If the account has been properly set up and there is sufficient credit, the bike will unlock promptly. You're good to go!
  3. When you are done riding the bike, simply return it to a cycle park shown within our in-app map and lock the bike. That's it, we'll take care of the rest!
Pricing Notes: Remember, if you choose to pay-as-you-go (PAYG) you will need a € 1 minimum credit in your wallet to unlock the bike. Alternatively, you can sign up to be an annual member and this will entitle you to 2 rides a day (up to 1 hour per ride). NB: Please remember to park the bike next to a bike rack or within a designated area, failing to do so negatively affects the whole Bike2use community, and could result in penalty fees, or suspension of your membership.
2How do I register for Bike2use?
You use our app to register for Bike2use. You can register using your email address, mobile number or third-party social media sites including Facebook. Why do I have to enter my mobile number or email address to register for an account? Spanish Law requires us to have contact information for all users of our bikes.
3What if I can't register for Bike2use?
If you're struggling to register for Bike2use, don't worry, all is not lost. Simply visit and reach out to a member of our customer service team by pressing the question mark icon in the lower portion of your screen.
4How do I adjust the Bike2use's Seat / Saddle height?
  1. Find the lever located at the bottom of the seatpost, where the frame and the post meet.
  2. Hold the lever firmly and give a pull, the lever should open. This will release the post which will now move freely up and down.

    NOTE: you can not fully remove the post as this is locked into the bike.

  3. Find the desired height which will be level with or around 1 inch higher than your hip bone.
  4. Make sure the saddle is pointing straight forward and close the lever tightly.
WARNING: Make sure that the lever closes all the way until it touches the clamp as it may become loose if not fully closed. If this does not secure the post, there is a nut on the seat clamp opposite the lever, this must be tightened in order to add more pressure to the lever. If the lever is too tight to close, then fully loosen the clamp, locate the nut found on the opposite side of the seat clamp and loosen this until the correct lever pressure is obtained. Test and retest until the desired pressure is found and the saddle is firmly locked into the correct height for you.
5Do I need to do anything before I start riding a bike?
You should always adjust the seat height to suit you. Squeeze the brake levers to check that the brakes have good resistance. If riding in the dark, please ensure the front and rear lights are working. Before setting off, a quick visual check will help ensure there is nothing obviously wrong with the bike. If your bike rides uncomfortably then there may be a fault, please change to another bike, and inform us of the fault within the Bike2use app.
6Do I need a smartphone to register for and use Bike2use?
Part of what makes Bike2use so unique is our Bike2use app, so unfortunately yes, you need a smartphone to register for, and use Bike2use.
7Help! I can't find a bike near me.
While our dedicated street teams do our best to make sure we have a bike in high-demand locations at all times, this might not always be possible. Our App features a comprehensive map of available bikes. To find the closest bike near you, simply make sure your Bluetooth and GPS are enabled, and launch the Bike2use app. Available bikes are illustrated by our Bike2use logo.


1The map on the Bike2use app doesn't show my location accurately.

If you're having trouble with the Bike2use app accurately finding your location, ensure that your phone's GPS and mobile data are enabled.

Still not working?

We know this sounds a little 'IT Crowd', but toggling your phone's in-built Airplane/ Flight mode, or even rebooting your device can often do wonders with helping your device re-calibrate it's GPS.

If you're concerned you've been overcharged as a result of a faulty GPS, simply reach out to our customer service team, we attempt to answer all billing queries within 24 hours.

2I am having difficulty locating the bike nearest to me.
If you are having difficulty locating the cycle parking where the bike is, please tap on the cycle parking symbol on our map and a route in blue will be mapped out from your location to this cycle parking, please follow the route and you should find the cycle parking and bike. If you are at the cycle parking and you cannot find the bike, please contact us and we will assist you. Alternatively, you may find another available bike at a nearby cycle parking.
3I cannot unlock the bike, I have tried entering the bike’s serialnumber. What should I do?
There may not be sufficient credit in your e-wallet. If you pay as you go you must have a minimum € 1 credit in your e-wallet to use our bikes. If you have sufficient credit and the bike is still not unlocking, there may be a problem with the lock. Please inform us of the fault on our app and we will look into it. capturing the QR code accurately.
4The lock is jammed and I cannot lock the bike. What should I do?
Notify us of this fault on our app and we will attend to the bike.
5Something is obviously wrong with my Bike2use, what do I do?
Report this bike immediately and do not attempt to ride it. Other bikes can be found using the mapping on our app. We will collect and repair the bike and get it back in service ASAP.
6I have locked the bike but my trip on the app has not ended.
Please contact us and we will resolve this for you.
7What should I do if a fault occurs when I am riding the bike?
Do not panic. Bring the bike to a stop safely and lock the bike at the nearest cycle parking. Notify us of the fault using the 'Contact Us' feature in our app and we will attend to the bike. Our Customer Support team will also refund the cost of the ride to your wallet.
8What do I do if I have a problem with my bike?
Please check the bike for any faults before unlocking it. It is important you ride a bike with no fault to ensure your own safety. If you find a fault with the bike after unlocking it, you may lock the bike back within five minutes and you will not be charged. Please report the fault to us on our app. You will help ensure yours, and others' safety by doing so.
9What if I get a flat tyre?
Lock the bike, take another one and report it to us on our app.
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ES - Bike2use durante Covid-19

Debido a la situación del Covid-19 hemos sacado todas las bicicletas de las calles de Bike2use, encargado por el municipio de Jávea. Como resultado, el servicio no está disponible hasta nuevo aviso. Disculpe por las molestias.

Eso si, recomendamos a todos nuestros usuarios lo siguiente;

1. Utilice guantes durante su viaje en bici y al abrir y cerrar el candado.

2. Cuando no tiene guantes a su disposición, recomendamos que cada usuario desinfecte el volante, el sillín y el candado de la bicicleta al iniciar y terminar su viaje.

ENG - Bike2use & Covid-19

Bike2use has had to remove all their bicycles from the public road by order of the Javea Town Hall. In agreement with the Townhall we have decided to return the bicycles to public use on the first of July or sooner if the circumstances allow it.

We advise all our users the following;

1. Use gloves during your ride and when you open and close the lock.

2. When you do not have any gloves at your disposal, we reccomend you desinfect the steering wheel, the seat and the lock, at the start and the end of every trip.