What does it cost to rent a Bike2Use?

The cost of a Bike2Use is only € 1,00 per 30 minutes of use. We have special price plans to match your usage. That way you can find a plan whether you use your bike for an hour, a day, or a year!

Flexible Bike-credit

Top up your credit and start biking for only


Are you just here for the weekend? Or do you just want to try out our service? Bike2Use Flexible Bike- credit is the solution! Good to know: the credit is valid indefinitely.

Week Deal

Rent a Bike2Use bike for a week for


Are you here for the holidays? Do you like our service and want to use the bikes more often? With the week pass, you get to ride your bike for a whole week!

Month pass

If you are on a long vacation, purchase a month pass for


On a long vacation, and want to use a bike as your main form of transportation? The month pass offers the best solution! Start your journey with the month pass today!

Year Pass

For locals who just love to bike all year round


With the year pass, you get 4 trips of 30 minutes, every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you use the bike more often than 4 times a day, you pay the standard €1,- per trip.

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ES - Bike2use durante Covid-19

Debido a la situación del Covid-19 hemos sacado todas las bicicletas de las calles de Bike2use, encargado por el municipio de Jávea. Como resultado, el servicio no está disponible hasta nuevo aviso. Disculpe por las molestias.

Eso si, recomendamos a todos nuestros usuarios lo siguiente;

1. Utilice guantes durante su viaje en bici y al abrir y cerrar el candado.

2. Cuando no tiene guantes a su disposición, recomendamos que cada usuario desinfecte el volante, el sillín y el candado de la bicicleta al iniciar y terminar su viaje.

ENG - Bike2use & Covid-19

Bike2use has had to remove all their bicycles from the public road by order of the Javea Town Hall. In agreement with the Townhall we have decided to return the bicycles to public use on the first of July or sooner if the circumstances allow it.

We advise all our users the following;

1. Use gloves during your ride and when you open and close the lock.

2. When you do not have any gloves at your disposal, we reccomend you desinfect the steering wheel, the seat and the lock, at the start and the end of every trip.